DID TRUMP GET THE MEMO? WHAT’S A DREAMER ANYWAY? DREAMERS, an It, a Thing, ET, how about Pawns? Everyone talks about DREAMERS (3.6 Millions).

So what are Dreamers, about DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program -800,000 Thousand), just words, and numbers? The fact is that these are “Families”, Children, and real lives, with real hopes (most Dreamers are in school, educated and or have jobs), not just Words or Numbers or an it, and even though many are “Undocumented Aliens”, they are Not, I repeat, Not, from Outer Space.

Getting back to reality, this Congress and Trump can resolved the Immigration issue if they just stop treating it as an “It” or “Bargaining Ship” and concentrate on the fact that these are Real People-Real Families.

Trump tried to blame Democrats and Barack Obama for “the DACA problem”, However, Obama created the program through executive order after Republicans refused to put a clean bill on the floor of either chamber.

Then along came Trump and created “the DACA problem”, by voiding the program. Safeguards can be put in place so that We are not here again rocking a sinking rotting boat taking on water and with no-Life Savers or Life Jackets. And Kicking the can down the road is no longer possible, for there’s no more Road left.

It has been done so much for so many years that by now the bottom of Legislation shoes probably has no sole! Not that they have any Soul. See what I did there…Sole, Soul! So will Dreamers Dream, ever come through?

Before answering take a Moment, envision what our Fathers, their Fathers and their Fathers “Fathers” and forefathers had to endure when coming into a New, Unknown Land, full of Uncertainties with just a gleam of hope, in Search of a Better Life. Our Existence and Prosperity is owed entirely and directly to the Strength of their Character and Sacrifices, their willingness for a Brighter Future (If hasn’t been for them, we would of not had been here), Does it sound familiar?

SO HOW MANY STRONGLY SUPPORT DREAMERS TO STAY: 73% (Monmouth University Poll-Jan. 28-2018) 70% (CBS Poll-January 2018). 86% (ABC News/Washington Poll-Sept. 18-21-2017) 73% Trump’s Voters (CBS Poll-January 2018) 76% Republicans (ABC News/Washington Poll-Sept. 18-21-2017) It does not matter which poll you use, the fact remains that the majority of Americans Supports the Dreamers to Stay.

Trump and the Legislation should Resolved these issues once and for all for Lives are being uprooted, families Destroyed with each day that goes by without a solution. Doing anything less than to help those in the same position as our Fathers and Forefathers were, not long ago, is to “Deny” the Fact that we are the Product of, and, on the Land of Immigrants. Let’s Hope, Trump got the MEMO! Share, Comment, Blog Below!

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