ARTICLE: What Irks America! – USEFUL IDIOTS!  John Kelly on Porter: He’s a man of full integrity. The day after… “Mum”, was the word! Trump and Kelly completely ignored Porter domestic abuse allegation-problems on his background check given to them as information became available, at least three times since “March 2017” with a rundown of the spousal abuse allegations the FBI had uncovered against Mr. Porter.

In “November”, the Bureau provided the White House with additional information about the allegations. Porter’s temporary clearance should not have allowed him to view Highly Secret-Sensitive Documents otherwise needed to keep documents flowing onto Trump’s desk, accumulating more and more responsibilities even though high-level officials knew about his former partners’ allegations.

The White House revised its version of events after testimony on Capitol Hill from the F.B.I. director, Christopher A. Wray, contradicted earlier shifting claims from the West Wing and has been spinning different versions as to when they knew about Porter’s allegations even though they knew for several months.

You have to ask yourself why the White House allowed Porter to handle highly classified information as Porter’s temporary clearance should not, have allowed him access to “top-secret” material however, it all went KABOOM, on a series of articles by the Daily Mail and The Intercept that revealed that Porter had punched, kicked, and choked Holderness over the course of their marriage.

As White House staff secretary, Porter was simply one of the most powerful men in the Trump’s administration, overseeing the flow of information that ended up on Trump’s desk; furthermore, media reports confirm that Porter was Chief of Staff John Kelly Right Hand Man and yet, he only had an interim security clearance, Never Mind that an Interim position is only supposed to last for 90 to 190 Days, Tops.

Currently there were an incredible 130 White House staffers at that time still lacking “Permanent Security Clearances”, even though many handle classified information, yet, Gen. Kelly still had a job, as chief of staff?

Boondoggles like these are what the Russians call “KOMPROMAT”, or “Useful Idiots”, people on key positions without Proper Clearance that can be easily Manipulated, Compromised, when they have questionable backgrounds that lends to Black Mail.

NATIONAL SECURITY, WHAT NATIONAL SECURITY? There’s Highly Classified Info in the White House up for Grabs and a Bunch of Useful Idiots, you are welcome to it. Share, Comment, Blog!

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