Will your Ballot make it on time? Thus far, Trump said Virus will go away, 33 Times!

February 10, 2020, a lot of people said that the Virus will go away with the heat…, and so Trump, started his premeditated narrative of downplaying, dismissing the Virus as a serious threat to the American people while knowing well, how deadly COVID-19 was, per Bob Woodward interview with Trump.

According to Woodward, President Trump knew and downplayed how “Deadly” the Virus was back in February and March.

An Oddity, with serious, deathly, consequences, Trump is. This Incredible, Alternate, Wonderful, Fantabulous World of Trump, where everyone else narrative is Fake News, a Hoax or Nasty but his!

Trump’s World So far has produced 197,946 US Deaths due to COVID-19, tens of thousands (with at least 50,000 attributed to him) that could of had been saved were not for Trump lack of empathy, slow, Delusional approach to and or ruinous lack of leadership.

The American people has and will be experiencing a  bumpy ride for some time to come, incrementally bad due to Trump bad judgment, at least until a Vaccine is ready and, a wrong, can be righted come Election Day, will your Ballot make it on time?

Trump and his chronics are making it practically impossible to cast your Vote with several lawsuits on several States claiming voting irregularities, in other instances that Voting are fraudulent even before Votes are cast, that voting these election is rigged while majority of voting has not been and will not be done up and until November 3,  while raising doubts in the mind of the Voter on the validity of Voting by mail while Trump himself and family along with some on his staff has voted by mail, right down to inviting voters to vote twice which is a Felony, few…, that was a mouthful!

The best defense when it comes to voting is…, a good defense, if voting by mail, yesterday would have had been a good idea, but if you couldn’t do it yesterday there’s always Today, but no longer than Tomorrow, in other words, make your Vote count, Vote already, Vote early and to make extra sure that your Vote is not discarded, make sure your signature matches Secretary of State signatures or earliest signatures on Public records as a good percent of Votes are discarded due to signatures “Not Matching” what is on records, Vote, but make your Vote Count! 


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