Sleeping with the Enemy!

Sleeping with the Enemy!

When you talk about a True Adversary of the US it does not get much worse than Russia which is constantly probing for weaknesses, trying to undermine and sabotage Democracy around the world. Knowing these facts you would think that we would be more careful and apply if anything common sense as to who is let in the door and under what circumstances but we have a President that is supposed to be sanctioning this kind of behavior and yet he is Sleeping with the Enemy, under Russian Collusion Investigation.

You do not have to go too far to ascertain this fact. Just looking at Trump’s behavior in meeting at the Oval Office with Sergey I. Kislyak: Ambassador to the United States believe to be a Top Spy and Recruiter of Spies and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, you have to wonder is Trump more than just a Russian sympathizer? Could he be a Mole?

Trump cozy affection for the Russians, never wanting to hold the Russians accountable for meddling in our Democratic Elections even after this has been established as fact by Multiple National Security Agencies is not only odd to say the least but unprecedented of a President, simply not Normal.

What’s even more concerning and extremely alarming is the way the Republicans have responded to Trump possible Impeachable behavior toward the Investigation into Russian Interference and his Administration and Associates a cause for Collusion and Treasonous Offenses and when all is put into context should had raise alarms to the highest levels with sanctions to follow, Sanctions that even after establishing the fact that Russia was found to have meddled in our Elections do not seem to be forthcoming anytime soon.

With all of the current Investigations and Drip, Drips you’d have to conclude that there’s definitely some type of Collusion, Ethic or Emoluments Clause Violations or Conflict of Interests by Trump and his Administration and Associates, let’s re-cap:

Secret Meeting at Oval Office with Russian Officials away from the Prying Eyes of the US Press with only Russian Press Present, they were laughing it out judging by the photos released by the Russian Press. Were they Laughing at the American People? That’s you and me buddy.

There are at least six Investigations currently on going by The House, Congress the FBI aside by Robert Mueller supposedly Independent Investigation which is Not Truly Independent as they may want you to believe.

Trump constantly trying to detract from Investigations with “New Revelations” of “Falsehoods” and “Accusations”.

The Firing of FBI Director James Comey the Investigator, conducting Investigation.

Firing back at Comey on a Tweet stating there better be no tapes of (Trump and Comey) conversations while dinning together, a clear fish expedition by Trump whom most likely did not know if there was and was just Trying to found out if one existed, a threat, a Criminal Offense.

Trump Surrogates-Minions like Devin Nunes of The House Intelligence Committee who has gone Rogue and is at it again, this time issuing 5-6 subpoenas unmasking requests to US spy agencies related to Russia’s election meddling between June 2016-January 2017, the Washington Post reported on Friday, in an effort to identify which US persons foreign agents are speaking to or about, trying to divert attention away from the investigation” into Trump’s campaign, a Violation” of Nunes’ recusal from the investigation

Trump romancing of Michael Flynn Forced to resign as National Security Adviser, but still keeping in “Touch” with him until Flynn realized that he was better off parting ways. Ask yourselves, what does Flynn has on Trump that Trump still wanted Flynn back into his bosom? Keep in mind that when there is an Investigation of this magnitude the farther away from that person being investigated the better you’ll be.

And then there’s; Rex Tillerson-Secretary of State with close links to Russia-Russian interests in the past and possibly current, stand to gain if sanctions are lifted on Russia,

Jeff Sessions-attorney general whom admitted to two previous conversations with Mr. Kislyak under Oath “Perjuring” himself after stating that he did not, “Recused” himself on any Russia Investigation but was Instrumental on the Firing of James Comey investigating Collusion?

Paul Manafort, former Trump Campaign Manager, Collusion Role is being Expanded by Investigation exponentially.

Carter Page, an earlier Foreign Policy Adviser to Donald Trump suspected of Private Communications with Russian Officials over the summer.

Roger Stone, off and on GOP Operative, Trump Political Adviser provided Wikileaks with the DNC files during the presidential campaign in an effort to sway the elections.

Donald Trump Jr. (on October 2007), Jr. tells a Real Estate conference, “Russians makes up a Disproportionate Cross-section of a Lot of Our Assets…We See a Lot of Money Pouring in from Russia.

Jared Kushner, Trump’s son in law and Advicer, met with Mr. Kislyak in “Private”, according to reports trying to set up a “Back Channel” with the Russians away from the prying Eyes and Ears of the FBI and CIA, was he trying to become a Russian “Mole”, or was it all just self enrichment?

When you put it all into context you can’t but conclude that there indeed is a there, there. That some kind of Violation, Collusion, Crime has been committed, where some of these folks trying to become Russian Moles or just trying to conveniently fill up their pockets taken advantage of the situation at hand?

Judging by Republican non existing response or lack of outrage to all of these issues, events and Individuals, possibly colluding and breaking the law, the fact that all investigations are ran by Republicans in Both the House and Senate who’s to say that they might not try to Dilute, Undermine, Compromise and at the very end of such Investigations just “Puff” away any Crime and Collusion that may had been committed?

Which is More of a reason as to why an Outside Commission Investigation should’ve taken place to take Partisan Politics Out of the Equation and come to a Rightful and Fair conclusion of any findings of Russian Collusion Investigation and any other violation committed by Trump, his Administration and Associates, who knows, it may even reveal, “Moles” in the House, it’s Clouding Pretty Quick in the Red House. Share, ,     Tweet, Comment, Leave a Reply-Blog-Post!

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